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Our In-Office Benefit Program Offers Affordable Solutions for Healthy Smiles

August 21, 2023

At KORsmiles Dental, we understand that dental care can sometimes take a "bite" out of your budget and do our best to make it more accessible and stress-free. 

With that in mind, we've developed an In-Office Benefit Program perfect for patients and families with little to no insurance coverage. For a low annual fee, zero deductible, and no waiting period, you can take advantage of twelve months of coverage for all preventative services and up to 30% savings on all other treatments!

Reasons to choose our In-Office Benefit Program:

  • Zero Deductible, No Copay

Unless you have excellent dental insurance coverage, deductibles and co-pays for yourself, and family members can add up. Plus, some dental plans don’t cover every procedure. 

  • No Paperwork & No Waiting for Approvals

Get the dental care you need and desire without the additional stress or delay of waiting for an insurance approval or, in some cases, a denial.

  • No Limitations & No Maximum on Savings

Get what’s right for your smile. What dental work you can get and how much work you can get done is not decided by a third party. 

  • All Preventative Treatment

With all preventative treatment included in our in-office benefit program, you can keep your smile in tip-top condition and avoid more extensive or costly dental care down the road

Easy add-on benefits for yourself and your family

At KORsmiles, every smile is important to us. It’s the reason why we’ve made our In-Office Benefits Program so simple, affordable, and comprehensive. 

  • $350/yr. 1st family member
  • Each additional person $200 (Maximum 5 family members)
  • $56.40 periodontal maintenance ($87.60 Savings)

Giving patients and their families all-the-more reason to smile

Our goal is to help patients get the dental care they need and achieve the smiles they've always wanted. For more information on our In-Office Benefits Program, give us a call today.

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