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A beautiful smile not only radiates personal warmth, but it also illuminates your face and accentuates your best features. Ideally, when you smile, your teeth and the right amount of gum tissue should be evident.

During your visit, we analyze every aspect of your smile. In addition to assessing your periodontal health, we also take a look at the aesthetics of your smile. If your smile isn’t all it should be because of the appearance of the gums and supporting tissues around the teeth, we’ll recommend the best course of care to improve its look.

For patients with a “gummy” smile, or front teeth that appear too small because of excess tissue coverage, we offer periodontal procedures to dramatically improve the look of your smile. By performing a minor surgical procedure, we can reduce and re-contour the tissue covering the involved front teeth to achieve optimal aesthetics and a smile you’re confident sharing.

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