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fastmill.io™ In-Office Mill

In today's hectic world, finding time for dental appointments is often tricky. At KORsmiles Dental, we understand the demands of your busy daily schedule and take pride in offering the latest solutions to deliver top-quality care that's more convenient, precise, and stress-free. With the fastmill.io™ In-Office Mill, our office can fabricate attractive and long-lasting same-day crowns and restorations while you wait!

Fabricating attractive and long-lasting same-day restorations

As developed by Glidewell, an industry leader in custom dental restorations, materials, and devices, the fastmill.io™ In-Office Mill uses the latest technology to make attractive and precise fitting same day crowns and restorations. Integrated with advanced software systems, the fastmill.io produces same-day restorations to the exact specifications provided. Among its many benefits, the fastmill.io uses the leading dental ceramics to fabricate same-day crowns that look as beautiful and natural as they are durable and long-lasting.

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