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Joint Vibration Analysis

At the office of KORsmiles Dental, we use the latest technology and proven treatment methods to help patients of all ages maintain healthy and beautiful smiles.

Since a healthy smile also relies on a balanced bite and the absence of any TMJ (temporomandibular joint) dysfunction, Dr. Greiger carefully analyzes your occlusion, jaw function, and joint health.

What is Joint Vibration Analysis?

When the left and right temporomandibular joints on either side of your jaw remain healthy, well-lubricated, and function as they should, they produce very little friction, vibration, or sound when opening, closing, and moving the jaw around. However, any dysfunction caused by trauma, malocclusion, occlusal interference, or other contributing factors can cause the joint to produce vibrations and sounds that indicate a problem exists.

Joint vibration analysis (JVA) allows us to identify and diagnose TMJ issues based on vibrations and sounds that fall outside the norm and continue monitoring the condition and progress of any treatment.

How it works

Joint vibration analysis offers a quick, comfortable, and valuable way to gather precise diagnostic information on the health and function of your TMJ. It involves measuring and recording the motion and friction made by the joint surface as the jaw moves. Although some individuals may demonstrate audible clicking, popping, and other apparent sounds with joint movement, a joint vibration analysis will also detect and amplify the vibrations and noises you cannot otherwise hear. Signs of vibrations typically point to temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD).

To perform this test, we’ll place a simple headset that looks like headphones in front of your ears and positioned over the left and right TMJs. The headset contains small accelerometers that capture, record, and measure the motion, friction, and forces generated by the surface of your joint. All vibrations and sounds then get displayed and recorded within the JVA computer software for further analysis.

Using the information provided by joint vibration analysis enables our office to detect and diagnose temporomandibular joint dysfunction early and provide appropriate therapeutic care.

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