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T-Scan® Novus™ from Tekscan

At KORsmiles Dental, Dr. Geiger provides skilled and experienced care to support beautiful smiles and comfortable, pain-free oral function.

Why functional harmony matters

A healthy bite relies on a balanced occlusion. In other words, your teeth must occlude and “meet in a way” that supports comfort and functional harmony while biting, opening, and closing your mouth and performing other normal jaw movements.

Teeth and restorations that don’t occlude as they should create unbalanced forces that may result in the following problems:

  • Worn down or loose teeth
  • Broken teeth or restorations
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Muscle tightness or dysfunction that can lead to a TMJ disorder

The most advanced and precise way to analyze occlusion

At our office, we perform a T-Scan® Novus™ from Tekscan to record and analyze your occlusion as you bite down and slide your jaw from side to side and front to back. This remarkable grid-based sensor technology provides instantaneous information that enables us to make healthy adjustments to your bite with the ultimate precision.

As the most accurate way to gather and evaluate occlusal data, a T-Scan eliminates all the guesswork associated with conventional bite analysis methods to demonstrate what is and is not functioning correctly.

With the help of this advanced diagnostic tool, we can perform a precise bite adjustment to improve the articulation between the top and bottom teeth for better function and comfort. This process may involve an occlusal equilibration—a meticulous and precise procedure that entails minor, selective filing and reshaping of the occlusal or incisal surfaces (biting surfaces) of specific teeth.

In some cases, achieving a healthy, comfortable, and functional bite may also involve replacing existing restorations, placing new restorations, orthodontic treatment, or the fabrication of a removable occlusal guard or splint.

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